North Island Distance Education School


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Mission, Values and Philosophy

Our Mission

“To support successful learning by providing student-centred, teacher-directed, distributed learning services through the use of diverse technologies and community partnerships.”

Our Values

Community: We serve a diverse range of both geography-based and needs-based communities, and we work diligently to foster productive relationships within and across the communities we serve. We cherish the bonds we create with our students and their families, and believe these relationships are vital to their educational success. 

Personalization: Every student is unique. We believe his or her education should also be unique, and adapted to the pace, content and learning style that will most effectively contribute to long-term learning.  

Innovation: Like the students we serve, we never stop learning. Nor will we ever assume we’ve got it right and stop questioning the status quo. Only through continual improvement and the incorporation of new learning technologies will we continue to provide the best education for BC students.

Our Philosophy

Everything we do is based upon our fundamental belief that the key to an effective, lasting education is to empower each student to learn in his or her own manner. We strive to give our students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and in the style that best fits their lifestyle and learning needs, while providing the guidance, resources and one-on-one support to help them succeed.