North Island Distance Education School


Why Choose Navigate?

Join the movement from factory curricula to personalized learning

The more we as a society look at the way education is delivered in BC, the more we’re realizing the traditional model of large classrooms and one-size-fits-all curricula isn’t necessarily conducive to long-term learning. 

In fact, a full 10 per cent of BC students now receive at least part of their education through distributed (distance) learning, and that figure is growing rapidly. Consider the advantages of a Navigate education:

Learn when you want 

With Navigate, your child is free to learn at any time of the day or night, and to enrol and start classes any time throughout the year. Perhaps most importantly, your child can delve as deeply into a particular topic as he or she desires instead of being artificially yanked from one subject to the next at the sound of a bell.

Though you’ll be given a rough timeline of material to be covered, you’re free to personalize its delivery to fit your needs. So if your little learner’s stuck on long division, spend some extra time crunching the numbers. If he or she wants to spend a whole day learning about dinosaurs, then go for it – in fact, why not incorporate a trip to your local museum? At every point along the way, your Navigate teacher is available to provide online, over-the-phone or even in-person support.

Learn how you want

Navigate students are free to choose how they receive and cover their course material, and they’re even empowered to incorporate their own learning initiatives. Our students develop important self-management skills from a very young age. You’ll be surprised just how willing your child is to learn when she can do it on her own terms!  

New for 2012, our Fine Arts Academy and eCademy of New Technology, Engineering and Robotics (ENTER) take this concept even further, using arts and science as vehicles to deliver a full academic curriculum.

Learn where you want

Navigate (powered by NIDES) is an accredited BC school that meets all provincial learning outcomes and offers BC Dogwood graduation opportunities just like any other BC school. But unlike bricks-and-mortar schools, you don’t necessarily have to be in BC to attend. Through cross enrollment, high school students can enjoy greater flexibility with their schedules.

Whether you’re learning from home in your pyjamas, from a sailboat in the South Pacific or from your Aunt Anne’s in Antigonish, Navigate allows you to receive a BC education that’s fully supported by a BC-certified teacher. Plus, we take full advantage of modern technologies like online video conferencing (Skype) and virtual classrooms (Elluminate Live) to ensure you get the full benefit of blended learning wherever you happen to be. 

We believe our blended model of distributed learning is a more engaging and personalized approach to education. It nurtures each child’s unique personality and learning style and allows knowledge to take root at the right pace for each student. Our K-9 blended learning programs combine the freedom and flexibility of home-based learning with the face-to-face interactivity of a traditional classroom setting; our high school programs, and BC education in general, are gradually moving in the same direction.