North Island Distance Education School



Working together for a brighter education in BC 

The comprehensive educational programming we offer at Navigate would not be possible without the vital support of our strategic community partners in both the public and private sectors.

The following organizations contribute to the academic success of each and every one of our students:

  • Rosetta Stone™  -  Rosetta Stone™ provides International Language Software and works in more than 20,000 schools and districts around the world. The interactive learning tools support our language curriculum and help to develop more diverse language skills. The software program lets students learn at their own pace and includes a live communication component so that students can converse with others.
  • School District No. 71 (Comox Valley) - SD71 supports Navigate through a distance learning agreement between School District and the Ministry of Education.  This agreement provides funding for facilities, professional educators and resources that support distributed learning and cross enrollment.
  • BC Learning Network  - BC Learning Network is a consortium of 46 BC school districts who work together to develop and improve online courses, create teacher communities, and identify partnerships and opportunities within the industry that will make the most of resources. They work collectively to improve the quality of online education, and the virtual experiences of BC students.
  • Education 2Go - Education2Go offers a wide variety of  professionally developed online courses to high school and adult students around the world. Their course catalogue has a range of topics from business and computer courses to personal development allowing students to learn from anywhere.
  • - LearnNow BC is a valuable resource for students, parents and educators. You'll find online courses, study aids, and links to interesting and interactive educational websites, assessment tools, even tutoring.  LearnNowBC resources range from kindergarten games to online university and college application forms.
  • Better Mousetrap Marketing - Better Mousetrap Marketing works with Navigate to implement our school's communication and marketing strategies which promote the advantages and benefits of distributed learning. These effective campaigns have helped us to reach students across the province who want to make the most of their school calendar through cross enrollment and online courses.