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Accounting 11(Online)

Version 04, (4 credits)

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PDF:   Accounting 11 First Assignment

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View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Accounting 11 Integrated Resource Package (Accounting 11 Learning Outcomes begin on page 30)

It is recommended that students complete: a Grade 10 Math

About this Course:

Accounting 11 is a prerequisite course for Accounting 12. Upon completion of this course, students will have acquired a good understanding of accounting terminology, principles and procedures, and learned to use the software, Sage Simply Accounting 2012. The learning outcomes are derived from the provincial Accounting 11 curriculum. This Desire 2 Learn-based course was originally developed with COOL School and has Navigate revisions.

Course Structure:

  • Module A:  The Balance Sheet: Financial Position; Business Transactions
  • Module B:  Balance Sheet Accounts: Recording Transactions in T-Accounts
  • Module C:  Income Statements: Preparing the Income Statement; Revenue and Expense Accounts
  • Module D:  Journals and Ledgers: The Journal; Posting to the Ledger; Source Documents
  • Module E:  Worksheets and Statements: The Worksheet; Classified Financial Statements
  • Module F:  Adjusting and Closing Entries Adjusting the Books: Adjustments to Financial Statements
  • Module G:  The Accounting Cycle: 3 part project
  • Module H:  Sage Simply Accounting 2012: 1 project


Primary eText: Principles of Accounting (4th edition), by D'Amico, Palmer, and D'Amico, published by Copp Clark Pitman.  


Final exam covers complete course.

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