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 (4 credits)

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Communications 11 First Assignment

Communications 11 First Assignment

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It is recommended that students complete: English 10

Communications 11, with Communications 12 to follow, provides an alternative course in English that meets the needs of students who may find it difficult to succeed in English 11 and 12. It provides practical communication skills for stu­dents who probably will not attend academic post-secondary institutions.

This course combines language and literature in one course. There are 3 modules, 1 creative project and 2 tests in this course.

View the complete learning outcomes for this course: Communications 11 Integrated Resource package (learning outcomes begin on page 20)

Module 1: Information Navigation

  • Section 1: Giving Out Ideas Structure- Paragraph writing, professional writing, technical writing and active reading.
  • Section 2: Evaluating Information Online-Effective online searching, Evaluating sources online and critical writing.
  • Section 3: Multi Culturalism and Mass Media-Stereotyping, media awareness, critical viewing.

Module 2: Communication and Community

  • Section 1: Effective Personal Communication-Verbal and non verbal communications, receiving and sending messages, active listening.
  •  Section 2: Workplace Communication-Effective career-search skills, workplace communication methods, analyzing career opportunities with active reading.

 Module 3:  Storytelling

  • Section 1: Sharing Stories-Narrative composition, descriptive composition, composing a speech and oral communications.
  • Section 2: Spinning Words-Plot and character, responding to short fiction and non-fiction, critiquing stories.
  • Section 3: The Power of Language-Figurative vs. literal language, poetry and poetic devices, meaning and theme.

Creative Project: The Creative Project is a chance to demonstrate you knowledge of the course by creating a combined written and visual record of the most important ideas from one of the 3 modules.


The only resource you will need is the textbook Between the Lines 12, which will be sent to your mailing address or school of record when you have completed the registration process


You will be assessed through assignments, quizzes and unit tests. There is no provincial exam for Communications 11.

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