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 4 credits

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It is recommended that students complete:  Communications 11 or English 11

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Communications 11 &12 Integrated Resource Package  (Communications 12 Learning Outcomes begin on page 43).

Communications 12 is a senior-level English course. The goal of Communications 12 is to help students to examine and improve upon the various communication skills used in the workplace and in everyday life. In doing so, mass media, information, and literary communications are explored. The course will help students to:

  • understand the influence of mass media and technology
  • improve written and oral communication skills
  • explore the various types of workplace communications
  • appreciate the role of storytelling

While the course satisfies Grade 12 Language Arts requirements for graduation, students planning to pursue academic studies at post-secondary (College or University) must complete English 12.

Module 1: Communication in the Age of Information

  • Section 1: The Information Age-21st Century Literacies, effective communication skills, coping with information overload, written and visual literacies, media influence.
  • Section 2: Advertising and Branding-Analyzing ads and branding, the effects of advertising, active and critical reading, satire and parody.

Module 2: Explain, Describe, Persuade, Narrate!

  • Section 1: Communication 1,2,3- Personal communications, technical communications, the writing process, developing effective presentation skills.
  • Section 2: Composition- Assessing composition styles, descriptive and explanatory writing, narrative and persuasive writing, developing effective paragraphs.
  • Section 3: Playing with Words-Poetry and poetic devices, figurative vs. literal language, story and character, theme and meaning, critical writing

 Module 3:  Working with Words

  • Section 1: Packaging Yourself-Narrative composition, Developing effective business writing skills, analyzing the language of the job market, analyzing and developing effective interview skills.
  • Section 2: Workplace Communication-Communication at work, the group process, analyzing forms of professional writing, body language and sub-communications in the workplace.

Creative Project: The Creative Project is a chance to demonstrate you knowledge of the course by creating a combined written and visual record of the most important ideas from one of the 3 modules.


The only resource you will need is the textbook Between the Lines 12, which will be sent to your mailing address or school of record when you have completed the registration process


You will be assessed through assignments, quizzes and unit tests.

All students (other than those on an Adult-Non Grad program) there is a Communications 12 Provincial Exam that is worth 40% of your final mark.

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