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BC Cross Enrollment for Gr 10-12


BC Cross Enrollment Options at NavigateCross enrollment with Navigate offers greater flexibility to BC high school students.Through the convenience of technology, and years of successfully streamlining our approach to online and distributed learning, the Navigate campus on Vancouver Island currently serves more than 1,500 secondary students who are cross-enrolled at 150 bricks-and-mortar high schools across BC.

Example: Say that the woodworking course your student wants to take is only offered at their BC high school at same time as a mandatory course like English 12. It’s possible for your student to cross enrol, taking English 12 through distributed learning with Navigate and taking the woodworking course offered at their current high school. This creates a curriculum schedule that accommodates both courses and offers a creative solution that motivates learners.

BC Cross Enrollment Helps Students Meet their Goals Faster

Cross enrollment offers the flexibility to be enrolled in more than one BC school at a time, utilizing resources from more than one school district. Cross-enrollment gives BC students and high school guidance counsellors more options that help to optimize local opportunities, put together more flexible scheduling, and add a self-directed component to conventional high school classes.

By offering cross enrollment options, teachers can help students:

  • Fit electives into their course schedule
  • Meet goals of graduation requirements
  • Meet pre-requisites for post-secondary education
  • Take one of 23 international languages using our Rosetta Stone platform

Navigate accepts new student registrations throughout the year, so high school students can work at their own pace and choose their own schedule. Navigate is staffed through the summer months as well, so professional teachers are always available.

Navigate (powered by NIDES) is a fully funded and accredited BC school operating within the Comox Valley School District No. 71 on Vancouver Island. When you cross enrol for a high school course through Navigate, we automatically contact your student's current high school to ensure he or she gets full credit for completing the Navigate course and that the course credits are included when calculating their graduation requirements.  These cross enrollment protocols are approved by the BC Ministry of Education and have been successfully implemented through Navigate for many years.

Email us or call us toll-free at 1-800-663-7925 to find out more about BC cross enrollment options through Navigate!

Independent Learning Centres for High School Students

High school students who live in BC, can also take advantage of Independent Learning Centres* (ILCs).  An ILC offers a classroom space or computer lab within a host brick and mortar school where high school students can have a class room environment and the support of a BC-certified Navigate teacher to work on their studies. This is a great option for both home schooling families, or for those high school students who want to cross enrol to add courses to their schedule.

By registering with an ILC, high school students are free to cross enrol with Navigate to register for any Navigate course. Staffing for the ILC is provided by the host school, with the full support of Navigate teachers. This is also a great option for those students who attend most of their high school classes in their local school. Their timetable blocks off time for ILC just as it would for any other class the student was taking. The student can then use the facilities and time provided to work on their Navigate courses.

To register, or to get more information about the Independent Learning Centres in your community, call Navigate at (250) 337-5300.

Please note: Though we refer to these self-directed learning blocks as “Independent Learning Centres” the actual name used at your child’s high school may vary. Please inquire with your school.