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Earth Science 11 

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Earth Science 11 First Assignment 

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View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Earth Science 11 & Geology 12 Integrated Resource Packages (Earth Science 11 Learning Outcomes begin on page 16

It is recommended that students complete: Science 10

Earth Science 11 is a four credit course which introduces the diverse aspects of earth and space science.  It is a Web-based applied science course that introduces geology and other Earth sciences - ecology, oceanography, atmospheric science, and astronomy - with an emphasis on relevance to British Columbia and each student’s region and interests. The course is designed to enable you to meet all of the outcomes listed in BC’s Earth Science 11 curriculum.  Earth Science11 is organized into Six Units. Each Unit has assignments which consist of a Part A or objective quiz, a Part B or longer answers quiz, and a project.

There is a final exam.                                  

  • UNIT 1: Introduction to Earth & Space Science
  • UNIT 2: Astronomy 
  • UNIT 3: Rocks & Minerals 
  • UNIT 4: Geological Time
  • UNIT 5: Internal Processes & Plate Tectonics
  • UNIT 6: Surface Processes & the Hydrosphere

Final exam covers the WHOLE course.


First Assignment (Unit 1: Quiz 1 Part A & Part B)                10%
Five Quiz Assignments (Parts A & B) and six projects         70%
Final Exam                                                                           20%

BC Performance Standards