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4 credits


Please note: First Assignments that are not submitted on this template, including the cover page with the demographic information filled out, will not be accepted. 

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Word: English 11 First Assignment

PDF:   English 11 First Assignment

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English 11 First Assignment Resource:

It is recommended that students complete: English 10

English 11 at Navigate is a fully online course consisting of 3 modules.

View the complete learning outcomes for this course: English 11 Integrated Resources Package  (learning outcomes start on page 49)

  • Module 1: focuses on the writing process.
  • Module 2: is an examination of Shakespeare's Macbeth; the final product is a project of the student's choice.
  • Online Midterm - password protected - password to be released to an approved testing center supervisor
  • Module 3: students read Lord of the Flies and show their understanding by answering comprehension questions, doing mini-projects, and write an essay comparing and contrasting Macbeth and Lord of the Flies.
  • Online Final exam password protected - password to be released to an approved testing center supervisor

Throughout the course, the student is supported with detailed teacher feedback to encourage students to produce their absolute best work whenever they write.  In other words, the aim is to help students to best express themselves before they reach the even more rigorous demands of English 12. 


Student will be mailed Macbeth and Lord of the Flies; all other resources are online


Assignments (quizzes, projects, worksheets, discussions): 80%

Midterm and final exam 20% 

BC Performance Standards