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Online (4 credits)

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English 12 First Assignment Word

English 12 First Assignment RTF

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View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: English 12 Integrated Resource Package (English 12 Learning Outcomes begin on page 223)

English 12 Online

English 12 at Navigate seeks to help students develop the literacy skills necessary to succeed in the modern world.  The course will delve into a variety of forms of literature including short stories, novels, plays and poetry.  As they work through the course material, students will be asked to demonstrate their literacy skills through a number of methods including:  creative writing, literary analysis, oratory presentations and visual creations.  The course consists of five units of study:

  • Unit One – Writing skills
  • Unit Two – Short Stories
  • Unit Three – Novel Study
  • Unit Four – Poetry
  • Unit 5 – Shakespeare (Hamlet)

Students will be assessed and assigned a final grade based on the following grade breakdown:

  • First Assignment              10%
  • Course Assignments       60%
  • Tests (3 tests)                    30%

BC Performance Standards