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English Literature 12

Version 04 4 credits)

It is recommended that students complete: English 11 or equivalent

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English Literature 12 First Assignment

English Literature 12 First Assignment

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View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: English Literature 12 Integrated Resource Package (Learning Outcomes begin on page 10)

This is a senior elective course which surveys the literature of the English language, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the Twentieth Century. This historical survey is especially impor­tant for students who intend to study English literature in post-secondary institutions.

Module 1: The Middle Ages and The Renaissance/Elizabethan Age

  • Section 1: The Anglo-Saxon Period
  • Section 2: The Medieval Period
  • Section 3: Introduction to Elizabethan Literature 
  • Section 4: The Tempest
  • Section 5: The Tempest (Second Reading) The Language of the Bible

Module 1 Test covers the work of Module 1.

Module 2: The Renaissance and The Enlightenment

  • Section 1: The Renaissance in the 17th Century: The Jacobean Age
  • Section 2: The Renaissance in the 17th Century: The Puritan Age
  • Section 3: Introduction to the Restoration and The Enlightenment
  • Section 4: The Enlightenment (continued)
  • Section 5: The Enlightenment (concluded)

Module 2 Test covers the work of Module 2.

Module 3: The Romantic Age

  • Section 1: Wordsworth
  • Section 2: Coleridge, Austen, and Lord Byron 
  • Section 3: Shelley and Keats

Module 3 Test covers the work of Module 3.

Module 4: The Victorian Age and The 20th Century

  • Section 1: Introduction and Tennyson
  • Section 2: The Brownings, Brontë, Arnold, and Hardy 
  • Section 3: Omitted
  • Section 4: The Late 20th Century
  • Section 5: Review of English Literature 12

Module 4 Test covers the work of Module 4.


Assignments:    18 (60% of course)
Tests:                   4 (40 % of course)

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