North Island Distance Education School


Grad Transitions 


The three components of Graduation Transitions that all B.C. students must complete in order to graduate are: 

  1. Physical Activity Goal Sheet - You will need to complete the Physical Activity Goal Setting Assignment at the beginning of each year and the Response Form at the end of the year.  Grades 10, 11 and 12.
  2. Work/volunteer experience - As part of Graduation Transitions, you are required to complete at least 30 hours of work experience and/or community service and to demonstrate that you can work effectively and safely with others as well as succeed as an individual and collaborative worker. This documentation consists of a Work Experience Supervisor Evaluation Form (PDF)  and a Work Experience Student Self Assessment Form (PDF). To access some excellent resources about careers and career education, click here
  3. Transition Plan - Grade 12 - The last requirement of Graduation Transitions is to submit and present a comprehensive plan that indicates you are prepared to successfully transition from secondary school. 

This plan will include: 

  • Transition activities that are relevant to and support your career, life and learning goals. 
  • Identification and communication of achievements that reflect the development of the attributes of a BC graduate.
  • Identification and communication of costs and funding sources associated with your education, career and life options after graduation. 

There will also be an exit interview with your NIDES counselor or advisor teacher. 

The 4 credits for Graduation Transitions are the last credits assigned to your transcript in grade 12; you will not graduate without them.