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Planning 10 Athlete

Version 04, (4 credits)

Please note: You must have instructor permission to take this course. Contact for more information

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Word: Planning 10 for Athletes First Assignment

PDF:  Planning 10 for Athletes First Assignment

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Welcome to Planning 10 for athletes!  Planning 10 is a required course for graduation. It is a ‘real life’ course, meaning less academically focused and more practical.  It will help you plan certain aspects of your life such as your future goals and dreams as well as giving you the skills to reach those goals and dreams.

This course is specifically designed to meet the planning skill needs of student athletes.  Assignments are tailored to academic and sport-related goal setting and planning.

There are many important learning outcomes associated with Planning 10.  I have included a few below but there are many more here:

  • describe how one or more Focus Areas of interest relate to education and career options
  • relate personal attributes and interests to education and career planning
  • develop a personal education and career plan to support the achievement of education and career goals

Your course will consist of four units, with one, two or three assignments per unit (more detail on this below).  Please look through your course and use the course outline as a tool to keep you on track by filling in the estimated completion dates for each assignment.

Happy Planning!