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Planning 10 (Online)

4 credits

*Please note: Planning 10 students will access the First Assignment after being registered in the course*

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Planning 10 is required for the 2004 Grad Program.

View the complete Learning Outcomes for this course: Planning 10 Integrated Resource Package (Learning Outcomes begin on page 20)

Planning 10: Writing Your Own Ticket is designed to help students make educated decisions, developtheir skills in goal setting, planning, assessing information, and explore career and educational opportunities. It covers all the learning outcomes listed in theBC Ministry of Education Integrated Resource Package for Planning 10.   The course consists of five modules and two core resources. Module descriptions are listed below. The core resources focuson the processes of decision making and finding information, and are only available on CD-ROM. Students must complete Module 1 prior to starting any of the remaining modules.

Module 1: Preparing for Takeoff

  • Section 1: Understanding the Graduation Program
  • Section 2: Physical Activity Log/Attribute of BC Graduate

Module 2: Future Destinations

  • Section 1: Building Career Self-Awareness
  • Section 2: Setting Personal Goals

Module 3: Ground Work

  • Section 1: Exploring Support Networks
  • Section 2: Exploring the Labour Market   *No send-in assignment
  • Section 3: Preparing for an Employment Search
  • Section 4: Keeping That Job
  • Section 5: Module Assessment: Transitions

Module 4: Money, Money, Money

  • Section 1: My Money Awareness
  • Section 2: Increasing Financial Literacy
  • Section 3: Taking Care of Money
  • Section 4: Developing a Personal Financial Plan  *No send-in assignment
  • Section 5: Module Assessment: My Financial Plan

Module 5: Alive and Well

  • Section 1: Your Well-being
  • Section 2: Sex, Drugs, and Decisions
  • Section 3: Healthy Relationships
  • Section 4: So You Want to Drive
  • Section 5: Module Assessment: Healthy Lifestyle Decisions

There are no tests for this course.

BC Performance Standards

In order to access the multimedia objects in the course, students must have Macromedia’s Flash player version 7 or higher installed on their computer. This is a free download at http: //