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Please note: Psychology 12 cannot be used as a Grade 12 credit for the adult graduation program. 

Enrich the quality of your life by learning to understand the actions of others! Topics include the study of memory, intelligence, emotion, health, stress and personality. This course offers exciting online psychology experiments about the world around us.

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  • Unit 1: How We Learn (First Assignment)
  • Unit 2: Memory & Thought
  • Unit 3: Thinking & Language
  • Unit 4: Intelligence 
  • Unit 5: Motivation & Emotion
  • Unit 6: Stress and Health
  • Unit 7: Personality & Individuality
  • Unit 8: Abnormal Psychology


Assignments – 50% of overall course mark

1. Lab Questions

2. Text Questions

Discussions – 25% of overall mark

Unit Quizzes, Midterm and & Final Exam – 25% of overall mark 

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