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4 credits

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Social Studies 10 First Assignment Word

Social Studies 10 First Assignment RTF

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Description: This course is online but also requires and includes materials from the shipping department (Horizons Textbook, and an Atlas).

Required software: MS Word or free Open Office

Socials 10 projects and assignments are a balanced mix of Physical Geography and History and have a wide variety of project choices and quizzes that provide feedback.

Themes /Topics/Skills Covered (based on Ministry IRPs) see Course Roadmap in d2l for details.

Physical Geography Component: A mix of 3 online quizzes/activities and 3 projects.  

  • Quiz/assignment 1: Geography of Western Canada
  • Quiz/assignment 2: BC
  • Quiz/assignment 3: Canada and Beyond borders.
  • Project 1: Power Point on Western Canada’s Emblems.
  • Project 2:  Main BC Industries
  • Project 3: Opinion Paper – current controversial issues. 

History Component: A mix of 3 online assignments/quizzes and 3 Projects.

  • Quiz/assignment 4: Colonization/Rocky Road
  • Quiz/assignment 5: Collision of Northwest Cultures
  • Quiz/assignment 6: Wild West
  • Project 4: Journal – Frontier era
  • Project 5: L. Riel Editorial/trial
  • Project 6: Recorded Speech/Oral Presentation: Immigration 

Assessment for the course projects is rubric based and criterion referenced. Quizzes are assessed as auto graded marks, and then overwritten by the teacher for long answers. Quizzes also contain mini-rubrics and mini-criteria within the directions for clarity. There are no tests for this course.

Mark breakdown: First Assignment is worth 10%, 6 quizzes/activities 40%, and 6 projects 50%

BC Performance Standards