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Social Studies 11 First Assignment 


Social Studies 11 First Assignment 

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It s recommended that students complete: - Social Studies 10

Social Studies 11 is a fully online survey course that looks at life in Canada from a number of angles.  Four major topics are addressed: Government and Politics, Society and Identity, Autonomy and International Development, and Human Geography. Events that have led up to Canada’s move from a colony of Britain to an independent country are a major focus of this course. The impact of these events on the citizens of Canada, those emigrating to Canada, and the Aboriginal people who occupied the land before contact are studied. Students learn how to have a voice to influence government policies. Projects allow students to explore areas of interest further.

Resources: eTextbook


Unit 1: Government and Politics

  • Section 1 – Formation of Government
  • Section 2 – The Political Spectrum
  • Section 3 – The Canadian Constitution
  • Section 4 – Effecting Change

Unit 2: Society and Identity

  • Section 1 – The Great Depression
  • Section 2 – Nationalism and Regionalism
  • Section 3 - Aboriginal People in Canada
  • Section 4 - Canadian Culture
  • Section 5 – Women in Canada – part of this section is covered in the First Assignment
  • Section 6 – Social Policies

Unit 3: Autonomy and International Development

  • Section 1 – World War I
  • Section 2 – World War II
  • Section 3 – Canadian Autonomy
  • Section 4 – Canada and the World

Unit 4: Human Geography

  • Section 1 – Environmental Challenges
  • Section 2 – Population
  • Section 3 – Standard of Living


You will be assessed with assignments, projects, quizzes, discussion questions and unit tests. 


First Assignment 10%

Unit tests 20%

Assignments, projects, quizzes and discussions 70%

BC Performance Standards