North Island Distance Education School


A young grade 1 student drawing on paper

Grade 1 Offerings

Students in Grade 1 work through 9 integrated modules (booklets which blend Prescribed Learning Outcomes from Language Arts, Social Studies and Science), using a thematic approach.

Students in Grade 1 will continue to explore reading and writing concepts using programs such as A-Z Reading/Writing and Lapbooks.

Using Elluminate as a forum, teachers create and present interactive sessions covering a variety of topics and subjects. Some topics include Life Cycles, Senses,  Mapping and Math concepts.

iClass provides a fantastic opportunity for students to participate and engage in a variety of ways to learn and demonstrate their skills and understanding of Language Arts concepts.

In iClass, students will follow a typical regular classroom day, including individual, small-group and large-group activities. Using resources such as A-Z Writing and lapbooks, students begin to develop early reading and writing skills, which are further enhanced by classroom technologies such as the Smartboard and computer lab. Each year, Primary iClass students complete an author study. In the past, the author has been invited to visit, read from his/her work and answer student questions. Students follow up by completing post-reading activities such as story maps or  posters.

Guest author workshops - previously, a variety of engaging guest authors have come to Navigate to work with students, reading their stories, and explaining and demonstrating the writing process and how they have come to be authors. As part of this time, authors have worked with the students to help them with their own writing and illustrating processes.

In the past, authors have included Lee Fodi and Jacqueline Guest.

Students may be covering various Grade 1 Mathematics learning outcomes during iClass days in order to support their understanding of concepts. Teachers will indicate which print-based module assignments, if any, are not necessary to complete.

Students in iClass are regularly involved in workshops presented by community-based artists such as Lisa Kirk, Meg Burgess and Monica Hofer.

Other opportunities include the Hornby Island Family Retreat, the Cumberland Lantern Festival and the Nanaimo Kids Festival.

  • Primary Activity Booklet
  • If you have any evidence (certificate, instructor’s report) of community-based learning (e.g. swimming, golf, horseback riding, soccer), please submit it along with your print activities.

Students participate in a variety of physical education activities depending on the time of year and teacher theme.

Yearly Events include Terry Fox Day, where students spend the entire day participating in a variety of physical activities including skating, swimming and running.

Track and Field -participate with other intermediate students to get ready for the various District Track and Field days.

Special Events such as “Out and About Days” where students in the various campuses participate in a variety of physical activities ranging from swimming or golf, to wall climbing and kayaking.