North Island Distance Education School


Grade 4 Offerings

Many Navigate teachers offer synchronous online activities using Elluminate Live, where students meet, discuss, share presentations, and are involved in a variety of projects together.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Spelling Bee (Where every year we have had students move to the regional competition in Victoria.)
  • Literature Circles

New to the Synchronous Online offerings are Virtual Worlds.  More on this as we continue development.

Navigate offers regular face-to-face interaction or “IClass days” for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 in:   

  • Nanaimo  
  • Courtenay  
  • Qualicum  

The primary goal of these class days is to offer learners more frequent interaction with their peers and support teacher. Some examples of activities offered are:

  • Guest speakers and workshops
  • Group projects
  • Opportunities for demonstrating student learning (particularly in the areas of Social Responsibility, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Science)
  • Replacement for some assignments (Some IClass teachers will use IClass activities as the Art programme for the students, some for Physical Education, some for Health and Career Education...)

Learners opting to take part in these class days are expected to commit to regular attendance to aid in community building.

These classes do fill up quickly and class size limits are in place to ensure quality and safety for learners.

Navigate teachers often organize community-based activities, where guest experts come in and work with the students.  Some of the community-based workshops offered recently include:

  • Author visits and workshops
  • Artist visits and workshops
  • Stream of Dreams
  • And much more

Students in Grade 4 work through  Spelling and Grammar within the 7 integrated modules (booklets which blend Prescribed Learning Outcomes from Language Arts, Social Studies and Science), using a thematic approach.

Students may be covering various Grade 4 science learning outcomes during IClass days. Teachers will indicate which print-based module assignments are not necessary to complete.

Students have the opportunity to complete Grade 4 Prescribed Learning Outcomes for Math using our online Math program, which provides access to Riverdeep, Successmaker, and other dynamic resources.

Students in IClass are regularly involved in workshops presented by community-based artists such as Lisa Kirk, Meg Burgess and Monica Hofer.

Other opportunities include the Hornby Island Family Retreat, the Cumberland Lantern Festival and the Nanaimo Kids Festival.

Students may be covering various other Grade 4 Fine Arts learning outcomes during IClass days. Teachers will indicate which print-based module assignments are not necessary to complete.

Guest author workshops - previously, a variety of engaging guest authors have come to NIDES to work with students, explaining and demonstrating the writing process and how they have come to be authors. As part of this time, authors have worked with the students to help them with their own writing and illustrating processes.

Students participating in community-based learning resources need to negotiate with their teacher, which assignments the various activities can replace.

Students have the opportunity to participate in community-based learning via field trips and the yearly Heritage Fair.

Field trips have included visits to various museums (Provincial, Campbell River and Cumberland) and historical sites such as McLean Mill.

The yearly Heritage Fair gives students the opportunity to complete an in-depth study of a current or historical Canadian person or event.

  • Intermediate Activity Booklet
  • If you have any evidence (certificate, instructor’s report) of community-based learning (e.g. swimming, golf, horseback riding, soccer), please submit it along with your print activities.

Students participate in a variety of physical education activities depending on the time of year and teacher theme.

  • Yearly events include Terry Fox Day, where students spend the entire day participating in a variety of physical activities including skating, swimming and running.
  • Track and Field - an opportunity to participate with other intermediate students to get ready for the various District Track and Field days.
  • Special events such as “Out and About Days” where students in the various campuses participate in a variety of physical activities ranging from swimming or golf, to wall climbing and kayaking.