North Island Distance Education School


Grade 8 Offerings

Simulations strive to use technology to involve students in learning experiences that require participation in meaningful real-world activities. For instance they may conduct environmental studies, research cultures, calculate frequency distributions, analyze articles, interview community members, and develop action plans. Through these experiences students will learn important 21st century literacy and communication skills. 

While participating in simulations, your student may be using commercially available educational software packages and spending time online. All teachers using simulations are provided with guidelines and structures that will help them promote online safety for your student. Additionally, our virtual environment is password protected and monitored to ensure that it is safe and secure.

Many Navigate teachers offer synchronous online activities using Elluminate Live, where students meet, discuss, share presentations, and are involved in a variety of projects together.

Some of the offerings include:

  • Literature Circles

New to the Synchronous Online offerings are Virtual Worlds.  More on this as we continue development.

Navigate offers regular face-to-face interaction or “IClass” days for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 in:

  • Nanaimo  
  • Courtenay  
  • Qualicum  

The primary goal of these class days is to offer learners more frequent interaction with their peers and support teacher. Some examples of activities offered are:

  • Guest speakers and workshops
  • Group projects
  • Opportunities for demonstrating student learning (particularly in the areas of Social Responsibility, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Science)
  • Replacement for some assignments. (Some IClass teachers will use IClass activities as the Art programme for the students, some for Physical Education, some for Health and Career Education...)

Learners opting to take part in these class days are expected to commit to regular attendance to aid in community building.

These classes do fill up quickly and class size limits are in place to ensure quality and safety for learners.

Navigate teachers often organize community-based activities, where guest experts come in and work with the students.  Some of the community-based workshops offered recently include:

  • Author visits and workshops
  • Artist visits and workshops
  • Stream of Dreams
  • And much more

Humanities 8

Humanities 8 is a combined course integrating the Learning Outcomes for Social Studies 8, English 8 and Information Technology 8. In this course you will examine a number of historical civilizations in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa. You will discover many differences between these civilizations but many similarities as well. You will also learn different skills required for social studies such as note taking skills, map interpretations, comparison charts, bar graphs and climagraphs.

Science 8

What actually happens to that bite of food after you swallow it? What do your eyes and a camera have in common? Why do ice cubes float? How did thousands of running shoes end up on the beaches of the Queen Charlotte Islands? This course will help you discover the answers to these questions and many more, and show you how to generate your own questions and discover your own answers. You’ll learn to think how scientists think and learn how you can apply scientific thinking to your everyday life. 

Get ready for your scientific inquiry by going through the Science Orientation Skills (SOS) Package (Science 8 SOS Package). Then work through each of the four modules to explore the amazing and intriguing world of why and how things work the way they do.

Science 8 consists of the Science Orientation Skills (SOS) Package and four modules. 

  • Science Orientation Skills: SOS Package
  • Module 1: Life Science: Cells and Systems
  • Module 2: Physical Science: Optics
  • Module 3: Physical Science: Fluids and Dynamics
  • Module 4: Earth Science: All About Water 

In addition to your module books and SOS Package you will need:

  • Textbook or
  • (For those who have access to a computer with a CD-ROM drive and choose to not otherwise view the media via the Open School BC Web site.)

Important Advice about how to navigate this course:

When navigating this course, be sure to close up each of the modules so that you only see the content that you are working on. For example, if you are working on Module 1 Section 1, have all the other content closed, except Module 1 Section 1. This just makes it easier to keep yourself organized as to where you are working within the course.

Students may be conducting experiments and covering various Grade 8 science learning outcomes during IClass days. Teachers will indicate which assignments are not necessary to complete.


Math 8

Students choosing to follow the traditional print version of Math 8 will negotiate with their teacher work to be completed. Utilizing the Raven Research Student Guide and Resource Book and other resources,  students can cover the Prescribed Learning Outcomes.

Physical Education 8

Here’s a course that you can literally jump into and there are many benefits! Not only can a healthy lifestyle improve your life-span but it can also improve energy levels, concentration, posture, social skills, self-confidence, and relieves stress.  Also…being active and participating in a sport that you enjoy is a lot of FUN! Just think, if you’re physically active now, you’re already halfway there. If not, this will be a great place to start.  Start what? Mountain climbing, dancing, roller-blading, biking, skiing, swimming, sailing, soccer, walking, running, and skateboarding … the list is endless and the choice is yours.
The purpose of this course is to encourage you to be active for life! Studies have shown that active healthy people are more positive, live longer, are sick less often, and are more productive. These people also strive to follow the Active Living way.

French 8

Introductory French 8 is a mini bridging course for those students who want to take French 8 but have had no prior exposure to the French language. The intent is for them to take it first, and then take French 8.

The Regular French 8 course is based on the British Columbia prescribed curriculum for Core French 8 and embraces the communicative-experiential approach described therein. It emphasizes the practical use of language in all its forms and de-emphasizes the analytical study of grammatical theory. The course requires students to use French to perform realistic communicative tasks, share ideas, to acquire information and get things done. It also includes experiences with works by Francophone artists and actors.

The Navigate teacher may offer synchronous online activities using Elluminate Live, where students meet, discuss, share presentations, and are involved in a variety of projects together.

Health and Career Education 8

What do eating fruits and vegetables, wearing your seatbelt, babysitting and studying all have in common? Do you have a guess? These are just some of the ingredients for a happy and healthy life - and examples of making positive choices around healthcareer, and education. Welcome to Health and Career Education 8!

HCE 8 is considered a half-course, or about 45 hours long. Each of the following modules is about nine hours worth of reading, thinking and doing - of course if you get into a topic you could spend more time on it and, if it's a topic that you find boring, you might find yourself skimming the surface of it.

Ultimately, this course is designed to help you fill your "personal tool-kit" with information about and strategies to deal with your health and your education - it's all about you, and how you deal with the world around you!

Students may be covering various Grade 8 Health and Career Education prescribed learning outcomes during IClass days. Teachers will indicate which online assignments are not necessary to complete.

Students may be covering various Grade 8 Fine Arts learning outcomes during IClass days. Each year, guest artists such as Lisa Kirk present workshops on a variety of Fine Arts topics. Teachers will indicate which print-based module assignments are not necessary to complete.

Students using community-based learning resources need to negotiate with their teacher, which assignments the various activities can replace.

Students can participate in workshops presented by community-based artists.

  • If you have any evidence (certificate, instructor’s report) of community-based learning (e.g. Music lessons, dance, pottery, painting), please submit it along with your print activities.

Students participate in a variety of physical education activities depending on the time of year and teacher theme.

Yearly Events include Terry Fox Day, where students spend the entire day participating in a variety of physical activities including skating, swimming and running.

Track and Field - participate with other intermediate students to get ready for various Track and Field days.

Special Events such as “Out and About Days” where students in the various campuses participate in a variety of physical activities ranging from swimming or golf, to wall climbing and kayaking.

This course is based on a 3-term year, which runs over 20 weeks and incorporates Activity Reports, Fitness Evaluations and Thinking and Knowing Activities. There are no written tests for this course.

  • If you have any evidence (certificate, instructor’s report) of community-based learning (e.g. swimming, golf, horseback riding, soccer), please submit it along with your print activities.