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Fine Arts eCademy (K-8)


Harness your child’s innate passion for learning

A first for the Comox Valley and perhaps all of BC, the Fine Arts eCademy at Navigate uses the arts as a vehicle through which the entire BC curriculum is delivered. This innovative blended learning program will harness your child’s creative passion to accelerate learning across all subject areas.

Imagine, for example, that your child is learning about the hydrological cycle. Rather than simply read science books and perhaps write an essay, your child might paint a mural, act out a skit, or even create a website or blog.

By engaging your child’s inherent passion for learning, the Fine Arts Academy encourages learning in a way that develops creative thought, independence and critical thinking.

The Fine Arts eCademy blended learning program starts in September and is open to any K-8 student, regardless of educational background or fine arts experience. Students receive three days a week of classroom instruction in the Comox Valley blended with two days of distributed (distance) learning from home.

This unique blended learning program is fully accredited by the BC Ministry of Education and offers an alternative educational stream to traditional bricks and mortar schooling.

Why should I consider the Fine Arts eCademy for my child?

Like our eCademy of New Technology, Engineering and Robotics (ENTER), the Fine Arts eCademy is based on 21st Century Learning Theory. This growing pedagogical movement embraces the idea that every child is unique and learns in his or her own way. 

The traditional educational model of factory-injected curricula isn’t necessarily conducive to long-term learning or critical thinking. Navigate’s blended learning programs are designed to leverage our students’ passions and develop highly intelligent learners with the cognitive skills to become highly successful adults.

Call 250-337-5300 for more information or contact Marieke Holtkamp (marieke.holtkamp@sd71.bc.cafor more information.


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