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Celebrating Aboriginal Culture at Navigate

May 30, 2012

 Aboriginal Cultural Celebration Day

Navigate hosted its second annual Aboriginal Cultural Day. Students had the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal Culture and meet with three vibrant guests who taught them interesting aspects of Aboriginal tradition.

Barb Whyte demonstrated her diverse knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants. She shared her expertise on what local plants or herbs can alleviate specific ailments in the body. This was very fascinating and insightful for our students and staff.

Corey Frank taught the students the process of barbecuing wild salmon. He demonstrated how to place the salmon on cedar and arrange the structure over a smoky fire. After watching and waiting for the salmon to slowly sizzle over the flame and smoke, the students were able to sample the wonderful fish. It tasted amazing!

The students worked very attentively with Suzanne Camp as she taught them the tradition and history of Button Blankets. She then worked step by step with the students on creating their own Button Blanket dolls, which everyone enthusiastically enjoyed! There were smiles from all of the students as they proudly held up their delicate and beautiful creations!

Thank you to our guests for making this day possible and to Jennifer Hibbert for organizing such a special celebration! The students look forward to next year’s Aboriginal Culture Celebration Day!

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