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Courtenay iClass Students Working Together

January 30, 2013

Mr. Corman’s students have been busy at Tsolum School! Not only have they participated in art and drama with Kymme and Lisa, they have also been wonderful big buddies to the K-4 students at Navigate.

At the beginning of January, K-4 students started a unit on transportation. With the help of their big buddies the students created a beautiful Transportation mural filled with images of different modes of getting around on land, air and water. A wonderful collective effort by all! The students have also enjoyed building wooden cars with their buddies, practicing the use of different tools and materials. The school hallway was a bustle of excitement as students raced their new cars down ramps, and added materials to make their vehicles go faster.

It has been a fun filled month with a real sense of community and cooperation amongst the students at iClass!

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