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ENTER Project Showcased at the Comox Valley Art Gallery - By Roger Vernon

June 12, 2013

 The ENTER students I engaged with a CVAG project about 3-4 months ago.  It consists of some very awesome people focused on making positive change in the Comox Valley.  Through many brainstorming sessions, the idea for Media = Art = Social Change organically grew.

 As a group, we put out to the community to contribute pieces that people can come, interact with and recognize our new realities.  Most importantly, we wanted to create a space for community feedback on how to improve our home.  This is being achieved with a feedback wall, where viewers and Valley visionaries can write, draw, or even splash their thoughts and ideas onto a large canvas.  As well, as part of the Exhibition Interaction Day (part of Elevate the Arts - Saturday 10-5) there will be a recording space, similar to Speakers Corner, where you can make real suggestions that are to be culminated as "data" for one of the Urban Planners with the City of Courtenay that has been involved in this project.

 The students of ENTER were challenged on many levels throughout this process.  Firstly, we used The Story of Stuff as inspiration for our piece called The Looming Pollution Catastrophe.  Students were challenged to think about "outdated technology" and its future impacts on their world.  This is displayed on 2 pieces of plywood cut to the shape of our mountain range, set with "Reverse Engineered/Take Apart Art" that is highlighted by a dual projector Powerpoint presentation that highlights each piece and the adjoining audio file that students recorded to represent their thoughts and reflection on "The Looming Pollution Catastrophe".

 Secondly, Sand Scribbles.  We used the metaphor of "drawing a line in the sand" (floor projection of sand with the interactive Brightlink projector) to reach to the above art piece (LPC) to demonstrate that the realities of students and youth today has vastly changed from the generations previous, and that we, as adults capable of making change for the future, need to immediately recognize this and get involved in creating a space for youth to engage in their new realities and develop into integrated members of our community.  This is showcased through 3 videos: the first is a "Did You Know" inspired piece called "We Are the Shift", the second is an edited/time-lapsed version of the students running their robots that are drawing "lines in the sand" to create block letters of the words "Shift Happens - What Does it Mean?", while the final video is the screen recording from my laptop of the robots movements with the interactive pens for the Brightlink projector that spells (again, edited/time-lapsed) "Shift Happens - What Does it Mean?".  

 ENTER students poured a culminated 250-300+ hours into these projects.  One student even came to school with me last Sunday to edit videos! (By the way, this student is an avid Youtube-er that has made over $200 from one of his videos!)

 Thank you from the entire ENTER family for your support of youth in the Comox Valley.

 If you are interested in making positive change for the future of the Comox Valley (our youth), please come out and have your voice heard.

 Many thanks for your support,


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