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ENTER Students at Skills Canada

May 2, 2013

Students from ENTER had the opportunity to participate in Skills Canada this year. They traveled to Abbotsford and took part in the Lego Robotics Gearbots Challenge. In teams of two or three, students worked intensely to achieve specific tasks with their carefully designed robots. It was impressive to see the problem solving skills, perseverance and collaboration displayed by these exceptional students as they showcased their skills in achieving themed robotics missions.  The students did extremely well in the high stress situation of the event.  They were all truly amazed at the magnitude of the event as it showcased youth, ages ranging from grade 6 to university, performing very high caliber tasks for their respective trade or technology.  On a whole, they had a wonderful time with their peers, teachers, and parents.  

Skills Canada and ENTER seemed to have established a relationship for the future!

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