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FAE Grand Opening Ceremonies

February 14, 2013

Tsolum School was buzzing with excitement as students rehearsed and staff scurried, setting up for a very special day. FAE teachers, students and parents were gearing up to celebrate the FAE Grand Opening!

This event was a time to reflect, embrace, celebrate and be thankful for all of the wonderful achievements by students, staff and parents. As the audience settled in, the student’s amazed parents and newcomers with beautifully performed songs on the marimbas and ukuleles.  The ceremonies continued with a short speech from the admin, and parents who spoke of their experiences in the program so far. Following the heartfelt discussions were more songs sung by students, finishing off with the song ‘Home’. This was the first song the students learned back in September, making it special to all of them.

The Grand Opening was a lovely way to say thank you to all of the support from parents, teachers, admin, as well as all the amazing work and connections accomplished by students.

Registration for the FAE program, September 2013, is now open. If you are interested, click here to access the registration page.   

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