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FAE - Making Connections

January 30, 2013

FAE is starting the New Year with a new theme on the topic of being ‘Connected’.

The FAE teachers challenge their students and families to think about one new family they have met since starting the program and brainstorm with their learner(s) all the ways they are 'Connected', ways they may not have envisioned in the past, maybe both families love camping, maybe both have grandpas that were born in the Comox Valley, maybe both recently moved to this amazing place.

Even though it is a huge world, if we take the time to get to know our school community, our neighbors, folks we see each day but don't really know - we just may discover we are connected by more commonalities than differences.

Watch for more information in the weeks ahead as each POD, Art disciplines, K - 9 Families and whole FAE program explore this topic in ways that meet the developmental and learning needs of our various learners. 

~ FAE Teachers

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