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November 20, 2012

As we move forward from our first Learning Cycle Compass week, we have chosen the Trent River Family's descriptive words as our Big Ideas. Thankful and Thoughtful will be our program focus during Learning Cycle 2. These themes of exploring 'Learning to Be' and 'Learning to Live Together' will be integrated into various aspects of our activities and programs. By asking the question "How can we find more ways to be thankful and thoughtful?" we will delve into questioning, surveying, and interviewing during an integration of Language Arts, Mathematics, and the Arts as well as during our POD class time.

Watch for further details, soon to be created in a communication area, "Looking Forward ~ Looking Back", in our FAE online classroom.

FAE students will be spreading some festive cheer by caroling Thursday Dec 13th. We will be visiting a few locations in the community to share some music and spread some cheer! Ms. Slater's POD has been having fun creating puppets with our newest FAE staff member - Kevin Flescher this learning cycle. They are working on a environmental project about items that end up in the land fill. Their puppets will educate others as to how we can be more thoughtful about recycling and consuming.

The MARIMBAS have arrived! It has been a long wait but they are here. A beautiful locally made set of marimbas that all students at FAE will be able to learn about. We are so thankful to have these unique instruments to add to the world music content at FAE. We look forward to hearing their unique sounds in the hallways and in upcoming school events.

This learning cycle we are focusing on being Thankful and Thoughtful. These are two words that Trent River Family group used to describe their identity. It is an especially good time of year to reflect on all we have to be grateful for at home, school and in nature. We are having meaningful discussions about how we can be more thoughtful in all areas of our life and be respectful to all the people and amenities we have to enjoy.

FAE students will be enjoying Zumba classes starting at the end of November. We are excited to learn some funky moves and experience a new way to keep our bodies healthy. We welcome Gloria our fantastic Zumba teacher!


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