North Island Distance Education School


Fish Hatchery Field Trip

October 31, 2012

A group of curious students, parents and teachers enjoyed an interesting tour at the Qualicum River Fish Hatchery. The goal was to learn more about salmon, and what happens at a hatchery.  

Everyone got close up and personal with the majestic creatures in the viewing room. Located below the water’s surface, students were able to see the salmon swimming. In return, the salmon curiously approached the kids peering through the glass at them. From above, the salmon swam into different channels, leaping ferociously along the edges. The tour guide explained all the functions of the machines and why hatcheries are important for our rivers. Near the end of the tour, Students enjoyed feeding the fry stinky fish food, throwing the feed into giant ponds where the fry are kept.

The tour was informative and everyone left with a continued sense of awe and respect for salmon!

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