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Home School vs. Distributed Learning

April 8, 2013

 There are many families who choose the alternative of homeschooling in BC, and do so for a number of reasons. Homeschooling in BC, as it’s defined by the Ministry of Education, is when a student learns through an educational program provided by a parent and is not under the supervision or direction of a qualified certified teacher. The reasons for choosing homeschooling are personal and varied, but here are some of the reasons that parents have shared with us.

1. Homeschooling provides both home learners and parents with a flexible schedule that can accommodate changing work schedules, travel, and which times of the day are most suitable and productive for learning.

2. Other families feel that the importance of a homeschooling option is less about scheduling and more about curriculum content or customized approaches to learning.

3. Some families are looking for emotional relief from a negative social environment and are looking for an alternative high school option that provides a social buffer.

4. Homeschooling also allows BC families to focus on subjects that reinforce the strengths and aptitudes of the individual student.

5. Some families feel that homeschooling provides an opportunity to filter some of the social influences that conflict with their family’s personal values.

The search for a quality education, flexibility, and a customized learning approach is also what brings many families to learn here at Navigate. In a recent Quality Review report on Navigate, the review findings noted that most families who enroll with Navigate tend to remain. It also showed that those students who chose distributed learning or online learning methods had a higher success rate when supported by Navigate.

Navigate, is a Distributed Learning School, meaning we include support from qualified teachers, a personalized learning plan, the option of distributed learning and online learning throughout BC, as well as blended learning options through our iClass, Matrix, ENTER and FAE programs. Students in BC can also explore cross enrollment options if there are only some courses that they wish to complete online, or through distributed learning while they attend their current BC high school. For information on Distributed Learning versus homeschooling visit the Ministry of Education website.

We enjoy working with families on Vancouver Island and throughout BC to develop independent learners who are prepared to be successful adults. If you would like to learn more about learning with Navigate, please contact our Navigate counsellors to get started.


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