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How to Book Your Spark Interview

October 31, 2013

FAE/ENTER and iCLASS families will also need to book SPARK Interviews with teachers during the WEEK of November 12th-15th. Their interview schedules will be in OPTIS by October 30th. How do you book an appointment in OPTIS? Here are the instructions:

First, open in your web browser

How do I register a new account so I can start making appointments?
At the User Login screen (the first page you see). Click the link which reads New Parents: Start By Clicking Here
You should now see a registration form. Fill in the required information and click the Continue link located at the bottom of the form. * Note: Ensure to enter your correct e-mail address as information you need to activate your account will be e-mailed to that address.
Please check your email and follow the instructions to confirm your e-mail address and activate your account.

I already have an account but I can't remember my password. What do I do?

  • If you have lost your password it can e-mailed to you. At the OPTIS login screen (the first page you see). Click the link "Lost your password? Click here". 
  • You should now see a form with an E-Mail Address field. Enter your e-mail address here and click the Continue link. Your password will now be e-mailed to you. 
  • Check your e-mail to retrieve your password. 
  • You may now go back to the login screen and login with your e-mail address and password. * Note: If you receive an error saying that your e-mail address is not registered then your account may have been removed by an administrator.

How do I schedule appointments?

  • Click the Make Appointments link from the menu. 
  • Next you will need to enter some information about your children, when done click the Continue link. 
  • If you have more than 1 child attending this school check the "I want to add another child" check box to add another child. 
  • When you are done adding your children, you will see a list of the students you have added to your account. Select which children you would like to make appointments for and click the "Continue" link. 
  • On the next screen you will see a list of available dates. Select the date on which to schedule appointments. 
  • Now select from the list of teachers which teachers to make appointments with. Click the "Continue" link. 
  • On the next screen, each teacher will have a drop-down box with a list of their available times listed. Select a time to reserve for each teacher, then click the "Continue" link.

How do I add my children to my account?

  • Locate the My Account link from the Menu. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Click the "My Children" link. 
  • Enter your child's first and last name into the form. 
  • Click the Continue link at the bottom of the form.



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