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Important Notice to Our Graduated Adult Students

May 7, 2012

 Changes to the Education Guarantee (EG)

 Important Notice to Our Graduated Adult Students:

 On Tuesday, May 1st, 2012, the Deputy Minister of Education announced sweeping changes to the Education Guarantee (EG) which has provided tuition-free courses to graduated adults wanting to upgrade their high school education since 2007.   For the past five years the EG has applied to all grade 10-12 courses in distributed learning schools throughout the province; Navigate (NIDES) included.  The May 1st revisions mean that only a small portion of these courses will continue to be supported under the new EG policy.  These are: English 12, Biology 12, Math 12, Math 11, Chemistry 11, Physics 11.

 Furthermore, the new EG policy from the Ministry of Education also outlines that in 2012 only 75% of the full course funding will be provided to schools when the student completes registration and the first assignment (5% of the course).  The remaining 25%  will be provided by the Ministry of Education when the student completes the course.  As the schools cannot “front” this funding, we will require a tuition deposit that equals this 25% and this will be fully refundable to the student upon course completion.  Within the context of the current funding formula this will mean that students will have to provide a tuition deposit of $150 for each course.

 In addition to the tuition deposit, several of the courses provided under the new EG for graduated adults have significant costs related to the learning resources.  This means that we will require a $100 learning resources deposit for a smaller group of the courses funded under the EG.  These are English 12, Biology 12, Chemistry and Physics 11.  Again, the learning resources deposit is fully refundable to the student when the materials provided to complete the course are returned to the school in acceptable condition.

 What does this mean for graduated adult learners?

 The changes to the Education Guarantee go into effect on Saturday, May 5th, 2012.  To implement the changes the school will require a couple of weeks to set up the systems to accommodate the new policy.  This will mean that we will freeze new graduated adult registrations from midnight on Friday, May 4th through Wednesday, May 16th.   Students who wish to register for the new list of courses covered in the EG during this time period are asked to contact the Registrar by  email: or contact our Navigate counsellors by calling 250-337-5300.   Online registration for the new list of courses will be back in place for graduated adults as of Thursday, May 17th.

 Thank you for your understanding and patience with the changes.  We are working as quickly as possible given the short timelines to respond and support your learning.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.



Jeff Stewart


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