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Parent Information Session March 6th

February 27, 2014

What is blended learning?

Parents in the Comox Valley are invited to attend a free information session on March 6th for an opportunity to find out more about the blended learning programs offered at Navigate. This information events will take place in the library at Mark Isfeld Senior Secondary School from 6-8pm.

Navigate has taken an innovative approach to online distributed learning, providing new options for students and families that promote personalized and self-paced learning. Blended learning combines the flexibility of online learning from home with the hands-on experiences in the classroom. This blended learning format allows students to develop both independent study habits and the social skills they need to be successful.

The Short Cut of Acronyms!
Navigate has piloted and launched several blended learning programs in the Comox Valley: the ENTER program, FAE, and iClass. Here at the school, we are quite used to hearing our own acronyms but we understand it can be a confusing introduction. So, if you aren't already familiar with these programs here's the breakdown:

  • ENTER stands for the blended learning program named "eCademy of New Technologies Engineering and Robotics" for grades 6-8. ENTER2 is a proposed program that would extend ENTER to grades 8-10. Students work through their grade related curriculum with a focus on engineering, science and robotics. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video will clarify even more.
  • FAE stands for Fine Arts eCademy, another blended learning program that delivers the BC curriculum through the lens of visual, performing and music arts for grades K-8.
  • The iClass has a less obscure title and provides occasions for distributed learning students to be exposed to new activities, projects, ideas and social experiences for learners K-12. Our regular K-9 distributed learning program is a valuable solution for many families. This video gives a great preview. 

All of these programs can be a great supplement to distributed learning and taking online courses. They provide an opportunity for friendships to develop, to learn from peers, be part of a team, and to experience the synergy of a group project. For FAE and ENTER students and families, having 3 days in the classroom and 2 days of working on online courses or projects at home has a strong appeal that allows time for family life and school. For some students, the independent learning time is the green light to work through their course at an accelerated pace. For others, it gives them time to consolidate what they've learned or to go work on their courses as thoroughly as they need to.

The customized approach of blended learning is a successful option for many families. We hope you'll think so too! Come and meet some of our teachers, and ask questions about the program you're interested in. Space is limited, so if you're considering enrollment, please plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!

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