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Qualicum Field Trips

May 30, 2013

Qualicum students have enjoyed getting out into their community visiting local businesses to learn more about what happens ‘behind the scenes’. Their first excursion was to Qualicum Foods where they explored what happens to your food from the time it is offloaded from the truck, repackaged, baked, trimmed, composted and stored in giant fridges. They visited the post office and learned all about how letters and packages get mailed out to different locations. Students got to mail their own letters which they wrote to each other. Lastly, the Qualicum students enjoyed an informative and exciting visit to the Qualicum Fire Hall. Here, students learned about equipment used by fire fighters, the different parts of the fire truck and they even got to use the fire hose, shooting out big sprays of water. Definitely the highlight!

Qualicum students have one last trip to the Museum to finish up the school year. The outings have been very fun and we have all learned a lot about all the hard working people in the Qualicum community!

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