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Spark Conversations

October 3, 2012

The saying ‘Anything but traditional’ is a perfect fit for Navigate. As the school year started and students returned to their classrooms, Navigate took a different approach. 

 Teachers at Navigate spent the first two weeks of September engaging parents and students in Spark Conversations.  These conversations not only allowed teachers to meet with families, they also gave students the opportunity to share their Spark.

 The late Dr. Peter Benson and former CEO of the Search Institute, coined the term Sparks, a metaphor to describe someone’s inner passion, the activity or thing that brings joy and energy to them. Sparks give a person hope, direction and purpose in life.  Children and youth have the ability to thrive in life by identifying and embracing their inner Spark.

We at Navigate embrace this concept whole-heartedly. The goal of the Spark conversations is to identify and discuss each student’s Spark. Through these conversations, Navigate teachers gain the tools and information needed to deliver the most engaging education for each child.

If you would like to learn more about Sparks, click here to view an amazing TED Talk presentation by Peter Benson.

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