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October 31, 2012

The students at ENTER worked conscientiously this month on a multitude of different projects. An area of study was reading the novel ‘The Hobbit’. Many interesting conversations surfaced around Bilbo’s adventures and explorations. Students created clever Hobbit comic strips using a program called Chogger.  

 Blogging has been, and continues to be a popular focus at ENTER. Students took an instant liking to this form of reporting. Many amazing posts continue to flourish, engaging students in dynamic discussions and sharing of their learning. 

 ENTER students learned to use a program called ‘Tagxedo’ to create impressive word art. This program allows you to turn words into a visually dazzling word cloud. Everyone enjoyed the creativity and remarkable end results of this project.

They found themselves further developing their digital literacy of Computer Aided Design (CAD) through their ongoing exploration of the basic and intermediate design skills using Google Sketchup.  Their skills will be put to the test in the first Sketchup Challenge where they will recreate a kite which will give them the skills to design their own creation that will be built during the next Learning Cycle.

Currently, ENTER students are gathering their thoughts and reflecting on the first six week Learning Cycle during the first Compass Week.  The ENTER program brought a multiage grouping of students (grade 6-8) from all over the school district together under one roof.  There were many initial concerns regarding “the fit” for these students, but throughout the first Learning Cycle, the walls of these concerns have come crashing down as the students of ENTER have found a happy home for their learning. 

For everyone, this is something to celebrate!

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