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Congratulations Karter!

June 1, 2012

Aboriginal Recognition Ceremony

 Congratulations to Karter who won an award at the Aboriginal Recognition Ceremony! This award recognizes Aboriginal Students for achievements made throughout the school year. It is awarded to a student who has made progress academically or socially. This year Karter was that student!

When Karter first started at Navigate, he had a bit of a rough time at school and it wasn’t his favorite place. This year Karter has really flourished and he has participated at Navigate with a willing and positive attitude. He has shown that he is an enthusiastic learner who is thoughtful and caring towards others. It is a pleasure to have Karter as part of our school! Congratulations again on a great school year Karter!

 Karter is a very active student who enjoys Muay Thai kickboxing since he was five and will soon have his brown belt in this sport. In addition to his kickboxing SPARK, Karter is learning to play the guitar. 

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