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Independent Learning Centres (ILCs)*

Blended learning at Comox Valley high schools

Independent Learning Centres (ILCs) at all three Comox Valley high schools give local secondary students a unique opportunity to pursue individual distance courses within a teacher-supported classroom environment.

An Independent Learning Centre is a classroom or computer lab located within a bricks-and-mortar high school, where Comox Valley students can take Navigate courses through distributed (distance) learning. ILCs are staffed by teachers from the host school, and our own support teachers are often available for additional in-person support.

ILC students are cross-enrolled with both their home high school and with Navigate; we take care of coordinating the two enrollments so that each student gets full credit for distributed learning courses.

Since being introduced in Comox and Courtenay, ILCs have become hugely popular with students who gravitate towards the flexibility and choice that Navigate courses offer them in their timetable. We currently serve more than 1,500 cross-enrolled high school students, many of whom access our courses online through an ILC.

Students register for an Independent Learning Centre just as they would any other high school course – all three Comox Valley high schools offer several ILC blocks from which to choose. He or she then registers with Navigate and enrols in the desired course. Then, when other students go to their respective classrooms, he or she reports to the ILC and studies independently.

As well as offering Comox Valley high school students the opportunity to pursue independent studies, ILCs give full-time Navigate students and adult learners a convenient place to get tutorial support and write tests and exams. To schedule an appointment, call (250) 337-5300 ext. 101.

Click here to register online, or call (250) 337-5300 to find out more. 

* Please note: Though we refer to these self-directed learning blocks as “Independent Learning Centres” the actual name used at your child’s high school may vary. Please inquire with your school.