North Island Distance Education School



Below you will find a collection of educational resources and tools for use when working on school projects.  

  • Resource Rack - A collection of resources and tools organized for use when working on projects.  Whether you are finding ways to collaborate with others, looking for tools to help you process information, wanting to find out how you learn best, or looking for ways to present your project, The Resource Rack can be your best friend for life.
  • Project Based Learning - Use this site to plan your project, propose it to your teacher, organize your work, and develop your project.  This site has a full, step-by-step plan for you to follow.
  • My Math Sites - Need to learn how to find the volume of a cone, how to complete a two-step algebraic equation, how to add fractions? This site has some of our best resources for just about all of your Kindergarten to Grade 9 math needs. There are also some great daily practice sites.
  • Learn Now BC - Be sure to look through this site to find valuable resource for students and parents. You'll find online courses, study aids, and links to interesting and interactive educational websites, assessment tools, and tutoring.  The site is full of multi-grade resources that range from kindergarten games to post-secondary application forms.
  • Test Locations
  • Computer and Equipment
  • Comox Valley LRC