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Student Showcase

Robotics Project

June 12, 2013

Sarah has created a really interesting project combining robotics and music. Click here to watch the video she created.


Creative Works

June 22, 2012

Nicholas created a detailed PowerPoint on French Culture. He covered a number of cultural topics such as the French National Anthem, French poetry, a French film and more! If you would like to see this great project, click here.

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German Cultural Assignments

June 21, 2012

Tobias did a fantastic job on both of his cultural assignments in his German 11 course. He wrote both PowerPoints all in German! Very impressive!

If you can read German and you would like to see Tobias's assignments, click here for his first assignment. Click here to see his second PowerPoint.

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An Essay on the Red Army Choir by Jacob

June 20, 2012

Jacob wrote a very interesting paper on the Red Army Choir. He recently purchased a deluxe edition of The Best of the Red Army Choir and he found that listening to the music taught him a lot about Russia, as well as enhancing his language skills. In his paper, Jacob discusses the meaning and cultural significance of the Red Army Choir and three of his favorite songs.

To read Jacob's paper, click here.

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The Roman Republican Senate

June 20, 2012


Fenner submitted a fantastic PowerPoint presentation on the Roman Republican Senate. He included some great information on the history of the Senate, how it was formed, and all of the different roles of each member involved in the Senate. Great work Fenner!

To view Fenner's project, click here.

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