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Technical support for online learning courses at Navigate.

Tech Support


A few things to do before calling tech support

  • Reboot your computer. Ensure your machine shuts down all the way, then turn it back on.
  • Ensure everything is powered ON and connected properly. 
  • Gather some information on your computer such as:
    • Is this a NIDES computer or your own personal one?
    • What operating system are you using? 
    • What browser are you using if applicable. Internet Explorer/Safari/Chrome/Firefox/Other?
    • When did the problem begin and were any changes applied to your system(s) immediately prior?
  • What is the exact error message if there is one. Please write this down or capture it in a screenshot is possible.
  • Most importantly you need to be in front of the computer (with the issue) when you call.

If the topics above are not helping, or you need to ask for tech support or report a problem with a course, please submit a tech support ticket.

Navigate Tech Support

Position Person Email Phone

Holtkamp, Marieke

Hibbert, Jennifer


ext 1045

Navigate Computers/Hardware Problems School District 71 Helpdesk Email

Curriculum Development


Registration Support

HIBBERT, Jennifer

​ext 1045

Registration Support

MILLS, Dwayne 250-337-5300
​ext 1002
 Web Designer  GALLAGHER, Brendan  LOC 1007

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