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District Musical Theatre 11 (SD 71 Students only)

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District Musical Theatre 11 FA

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PLEASE NOTE: This course is available to School District # 71 students only!

District Musical Theatre 11 (Production or Performance

Audition sign up and schedule are now available on the Facebook page - The District Seussical! A musical! 2017

School District 71


Teachers: Mrs. Williams and Ms. Cox

Highland Secondary: Theatre/Band/Choir Room/Multi-Purpose room

Tentative class meeting days: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays

Possibly Fridays too.

Times: To be determined.


The purpose of this course is to develop students’ appreciation and understanding of musical theatre. Students will be able to participate in the process of production and performance of a full length Musical

Theatre production.

The course culminates in public evening performances at Highland Secondary from March 7-12, 2017

Show times will be 7:00pm & 2:00pm for the matinee. See schedule on page 2.

Students will learn the skills, organization, demands, outcomes, and rewards of being in a musical theatre production company.

Experiential learning is at the heart of creating a piece of Musical Theatre. The course is intended to provide students with an authentic understanding of the elements of Musical Theatre within the framework of a Musical Theatre

Production Company.


  • Initial classes and information session October
  • Auditions and Call Backs: For singers, dancers, ensemble and leads in October and November.
  • Production Crew Calls and Rehearsals: December- March (there will NO rehearsals over winter break)
  • Extra rehearsals/ Tech week between Feb 26- March 5 in preparation for Opening.
  • Performances: March 7-11 @ 7:00pm and 2nd Saturday 2:00pm matinee
  • Tech day: Saturday, March 4, 10am to 10pm: BOOK IT OFF NOW!!!!

Check the Call board outside the theatre for rehearsals, and join the District Musical 2017! Facebook Page

It is your responsibility to know when rehearsals are.


  • Journal, pencil, clothing that you can move in
  • Girls may be need to have black character shoes or black shoes that are similar. Boys are expected to have black dress shoes.
  • Students may asked to help find costume pieces or pay a small fee for costumes for the production.


Research and Preparation                                              25%

This is the fist Unit of study for the course and is availably on line through navigate.

Script analysis, Character study, audition preparation, journal, etc..

Rehearsal and Production                                               25%

Attendance, Participation, rehearsals, work ethic, professionalism, etiquette & development

reflection, journal

Skill Development and Reflection                                 25%

From Auditions to Closing Night! Skill development and commitment in your area(s). Example: acting, singing, dance, technical, design, front of house, etc…)

Journaling required

  • determined by your development in rehearsal 15%
  • Hand three pages of your journal online before March 12. 10%

(journal pages available online)

Performance and Company                                              25%

Demonstrate risk taking, creativity, trust, leadership, collaboration and responsibility through professional commitment to the performance process and as a contributing team member of our company.

Creating a Bio/Head shot,(submit in person)  5%

Final assignment  (Online) 10%

Professional Performance etiquette in the Theatre 10%

Students will be required to keep a journal and take directors notes throughout the course- a template for this is available online.


A (86-100%) Excellent professionalism (attendance, participation, work habits, conduct), excellent skill level and/or improvement (acting, singing, dancing, general theatre knowledge), excellent performance (individual and group, growth), Assignments completed.

B (73-85%) Good participation (attendance, work habits, conduct), good skill level and/or improvement (acting, singing, dancing, general theatre knowledge), good performance (individual and group, growth), completed assignments.

C/C+ (60-72%) Average or minimal participation (attendance, work habits, conduct), average skill level and/or improvement acting, singing, dancing, general theatre knowledge), average performance (individual and group, growth).

C- (50-59%) Poor participation (attendance, work habits, conduct), poor skill level and/or improvement (acting, singing, dancing, general theatre knowledge), poor performance (individual and group, growth).

I/F (below 49%) Inadequate participation and performance or missed performances.


  • Feb 22 and March 1 (Wednesdays) Extra rehearsals after school
  • Saturday March 4 TECH DAY (10am-10pm- probably not the whole time for all) YOU MUST BE THERE. Pizza dinner.
  • Sunday March 5 FIRST DRESS
  • Monday March 6 ELEMENTARY SHOW (Second Dress) (During afternoon classes. Rehearsal in evening ONLY if required
  • Tuesday March 7 OPENING NIGHT call time 5:30
  • Wednesday March 8 SHOW #2
  • Thursday March 9 SHOW #3.
  • Friday March 10 SHOW #4
  • Saturday March 11 SHOW #5 and #6, Strike and cast party
  • Sunday March 12 Matinee


  • When you choose to take Musical Theatre, you must commit to the whole course, which includes a lot of hours outside of the regular school day.
  • Attendance is crucial; therefore, you must be available each Tuesday and Thursday throughout the school year. You cannot miss Musical Theatre classes due to other extra-curricular activities.
  • You must attend and perform in all rehearsals and performances listed above. A Musical production is a collaborative effort, therefore, all cast members need to be in attendance.


NO ROLE IS EVER PRE-CAST. While the teachers of Musical Theatre are always trying to find shows that are appropriate for all students, nobody is ever given a role in advance.

The student that demonstrates the talent that best fits the role, gets the role. Regardless of age, school, etc…

BC Performance Standards